CLOSING KEYNOTE PRESENTATION TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017 1:00 – 2:00 PM LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE If you work in the caregiving sector, you know the energy drain on your mind, body and spirit can be daunting at times. Compassion fatigue can set in and it’s pretty easy to lose your sense of humour. Canadian comic and motivational speaker, Deborah Kimmett (CBC Radio, CBC TV and The Second City) has the perfect prescription for what ails you, in her presentation – Laughter is the Best Medicine. This powerful laugh-out-loud keynote address is chocked full of wit and wisdom and teachable moments. With a long-time interest in palliative care, Deborah delivers compassion and comedy side by side, and guarantees conference participants will walk away re-energized with re-framed perspectives. Warning: Side effects may include sore ribs and aching jaw. DEBORAH KIMMETT Professional Comedienne, Speaker and Author Whether on the stage or on the page, Deborah Kimmett is one funny lady. This witty and wise woman has been using humour to open minds and hearts for 30 years. A regular on CBC Radio (The Debaters, DNTO and LOL) and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival she is the author of three books: That Which Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Funnier, Reality is Overrated, and Out Running Crazy. Deborah has been nominated for her play Miracle Mother, for the Governor General Award for best play, as well as, the National Magazine Award for Humour. She has a decade of experience speaking to medical, health, and palliative and hospice organizations. Deborah is the co-creator of the Hope for Today Cafe podcasts that help people who are ill and their caregivers better listen to each other. Deborah has also written, and produced a compassionate care video called “Walk a Mile in my Backless Gown”.