Sunday Keynote
Sunday, April 26th – Sunday Opening Keynote Presentation – David Irvine: The Leader’s Navigator™
PRINCIPLE CENTERED CARING – It’s Not About Putting the Patient First

We’ve all heard the importance of patient-centered care. Of course we care, and of course it’s important to have the focus of our work be on the patient. We undoubtedly need to make the shift from the institution to the patient. But in this inspiring, thought-provoking keynote address, you will discover why patient-centered care needs to be examined carefully through the lens of accountable caring that sustains, supports, and renews the human spirit.
Take this opportunity to step back and gain a new perspective on caring from one of Canada’s most respected voices on authentic leadership and organizational culture. Based on David Irvine’s book, Caring Is Everything: Getting To The Heart of Humanity, Leadership, and Life, this presentation won’t just move you, it will get you moving. Regardless of your role, you will be inspired by a new view of caring and how to make caring sustainable in your organization and your life.
1. Discover why it’s vital to make the shift from patient centered caring to principle centered caring if you are to support and sustain the caregiving process – and how to make this real in your organization and your own personal work as a caregiver.
2. Learn the true work of caring: to empower those we care about in a way that is sustainable for everyone.
3. Discover the deep meaning of accountability in the caring process.
4. Get to the root of caring in our lives and ways to care that support and sustain the well-being of ourselves and those we love and serve.

Monday, April 27th – Monday Keynote Presentation – Dr. Peter Tanuseputro
Using Data to Improve Care for the Dying 

We are living in the age of big data. Health care is no exception, with rich data collected throughout many health care sectors. This data is often linked at the individual level to tell us stories about a person’s health and health care journey. In this presentation, we will use big data to first explore the care that is delivered at the end-of-life in Ontario. We will then explore the role of palliative care, including who is receiving care prior to death, where people are receiving care, and who is delivering care. We will also evaluate how effective palliative care is in influencing end-of-life outcomes, and highlight gaps in care. Finally, we will explore examples of how data can be used to build prognostic digital tools that aim to improve the reach of palliative care. We will showcase one of the tools that our team has built – RESPECT – that can be used by not only clinicians, but also patients, families and caregivers to anticipate the end-of-life period. Participants are encouraged to bring their web-enabled digital device to ‘test drive’ the RESPECT tool during the session.

Tuesday, April 28th – Tuesday Keynote Presentation – (Rev) Andrew Blake
RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY RADICAL ACCEPTANCE Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion in our End-of-Life Teams and Relationships

The success of our work as EOL caregivers may be best described as a healthy ecosystem: each species depends on the other for its health and a sense of safety. Caring for the dying, facing moral and emotional distress, and working within complex systems requires very human and heart-centered tools to accomplish all the tasks we face. If these tools work, they will support our well being and connect us to our sense of meaning and purpose—why we show up each day to offer our care—as well as give us the needed patience, insight and courage in meeting the oft times challenging dynamics in our interpersonal relationships.
To increase our capacity for best practices and to enhance and build healthier teams, leading research clearly demonstrates the overwhelming benefits of mindfulness and compassion-based learning and listening practices. These practices give caregivers the needed inner stability to meet suffering with acceptance. They offer them not only greater insight into their own limitations and unhealthy habits, but also give them greater ability to accept the behaviors of those around them. However, we cannot have true compassion for our patients and clients without understanding self-compassion first. And, without compassion for our coworkers, bosses and institutions where we work each day, we may run the risk of playing the “blame game” without taking any responsibility for our part in what doesn’t work…And that’s disempowering rather than enlivening. What is my part in creating healthier teams? And how will self-compassion help? 

Tuesday, April 28th – Closing Keynote Presentation – Robert Hawke
Laugh it Off: Humour at Work for Healthcare

Laugh It Off: Humour at Work For Healthcare will teach us all how to use humour to reduce our level of stress, improve our mental health and increase our resilience. Using the core values of improvisation and over 20 years of experience as a comedian, Robert Hawke will help us to use laughter as our secret weapon at work.
After Rob had surgery for cancer, he was in trouble. He was depressed, angry and unable to cope. He had to learn resilience techniques that would help him and FAST. He did. After his recovery, he used some of the same methods he’d used onstage to inspire groups of people in literally life threatening situations.
Those in Hospice Palliative Care do emotionally and physically demanding work that is vital to our communities and  families. In order to sustain this level of contribution, we need to support ourselves and our level of resilience. Rob’s hilarious “laugh while you learn” presentation will provide immediately usable strategies to help us all continue our important work and enrich our personal life.

Key Learning Points:

The Healing Power of Laughter
The Magic of “Yes and…” in your life and work
Finding Your “Secret Weapon” for Wellness

Laugh It Off: Humour at Work for Healthcare will have you on your feet learning valuable stress reducing, resilience building and gut busting strategies.

Monday, April 27th
Reception – 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm/Dinner, Awards, Entertainment and Dancing – 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm

After a delicious dinner and awards presentation, it’s time for Broadsway …. the brilliant combination of fabulous voices, cleverly unique arrangements, timeless music that defies categorization, and side-splitting humour! Heather Bambrick (JUNO / ECMA-nominee), Diane Leah (Dora Mavor Moore Award nominee), and Julie Michels (international touring artist) combine their respective musical experience and influences in a show that is eclectic, funny, and very musical! From the moment they first hit the stage together, Broadsway has been creating quite a buzz – as well as a steadily growing fan base – in every venue they’ve played, from Roy Thomson Hall and the Jazz Bistro in Toronto, to Birdland and the Metropolitan Room in New York. They’ve been featured in some of Canada’s top Jazz and Cabaret festivals, as well as various concert series and feature presentations. Their music brings together a repertoire that ranges from Jazz and Theatre, to Pop and even Classical … all delivered with passion, power, poignance, and plenty of humour! With a marvelous musical meshing, and a healthy dose of humour, it’s Broadway, THEIR way! It’s Broadsway!

Then…time to hit the dance floor, and we’ve brought in our favourite band… Arden & The Tourists have been burning up the Toronto Night Club scene for more than 20 years. In that time, they have become one of the hottest and most popular bands in Toronto. This dynamic and diverse Toronto band cruises easily from the newest Top 10 Hits, to classic hits from the 40’s through to yesterday. Arden and The Tourists have taken their high-energy show out of Toronto and Ontario to perform across Europe and the Caribbean, as well as performing for packed houses and receiving rave reviews across Canada. With Arden’s warm personality and outstanding vocals, along with The Tourists’ pure musical talent, they always entertain and excite. So great ready to dance, dance, DANCE!